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FibroIreland has been created for people affected by fibromyalgia. It provides general information to help you understand how fibromyalgia affects you and what you can do to manage it. It also tells you where to find further information. For information on support groups please go to the support page or click here.

We aim to :

• Listen with empathy to your experience of FM

• Make FM better understood

• Provide up-to-date information on FM

• Support those caring for people with FM


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Dublin ME Self-Help Group

Venue: Davenport Hotel, beside Merrion Square, Dublin 2.


February 13th, February 27th, March 12th, April 9th, April 23rd, May 14th, May 28th

The Dublin ME Self-Help Group will meet fortnightly in the Davenport Hotel, beside Merrion Square, Dublin 2. It is intended that the format of the meetings will be guided by those in attendance.

The meetings will be scheduled for the 2nd & 4th Saturdays of each month.

All are welcome to attend on a regular basis or if you happen to be in town for the day.

Please note that the focus of this group is ME but people with Fibro can attend.

Further information from Irish ME Trust at 1890-200-912
email info@imet.ie

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You can find us on facebook at NorthsideFibroDublin


South Dublin Blackrock Support Group

The date for the next Blackrock Group has to be decided.

For further info please contact Ursula Hakman at fibrosouthdublin(at)outlook(dot)com


Support Group in Clongriffin Dublin

The next Clongriffin Group will be take place on Thursday 11th of Feb at 7pm.

For further info please contact Rachel at northside(at)fibroireland(dot)com or text (08) 799 76252 (between Mon-Fri 4.30am-7pm only). Please ensure to give your full name and contact details.

You can find us on facebook at NorthsideFibroDublin